Our Story

Compound Martial Arts was founded in 2016, but our story goes back to 2006 in a Dublin university...


Dublin City University (DCU) is where the Compound Martial Arts story begins...

In 2006, Head Coach Oisin McCabe arrived in DCU to commence his B.sc studies in Sports Science. Finding little in the way of martial arts within the clubs and societies of DCU, Oisin founded the DCU Kickboxing Club which developed a strong core group of enthusiastic martial artists. Coming from a Karate background, the striking arts where what most interested Oisin but several weeks after term started he heard of a “Martial Arts” club that trained twice a week in the handball alley. This turned out to be a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class taught by the head of Team Ryano, Brazilian jiu-jitsu & Judo Black Belt, Andrew Ryan.

The following year Oisin united these clubs to form DCU Kickboxing & Grappling club which would go onto be renamed DCU MMA, which still operates with the support of CMA today. As our competitors grew in number and success it was necessary to expand beyond the confines and limitations of a college club and thus in 2016 Compound Martial Arts was born, bursting onto the martial arts map with multiple national kickboxing champions, national BJJ champions and rising stars in MMA

Compound Martial Arts provides a welcoming atmosphere for Kids, Teens, Adults, Beginners, Advanced, Competitors & Hobbyists.

Our academy is a 2nd home for many members and a central part of their social life, fitness routine and an incredible source of happiness and fulfilment as we all strive together to improve ourselves as individuals and a team

With our development to a full time academy and timetable, CMA athletes have continued to achieved great success in competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts & Judos.

It is however, our development as a dedicated and unified team that has been the most satisfying growth we have experienced. We have developed a great mixture within our team, from young children to middle aged adults, that are finally beginning their Marital Arts journey. Our mats host a mix of professional & amateur competitors, as well as hobbyists enjoying the fulfilling nature of martial arts development.

As one of Irelands most rapidly growing teams, we also boast one of the most rapidly ascending competition squads on the circuit.

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Home of Champions

We've built our story from School Halls

To our own Full Time Facility

Our Champions began their journey with CMA as Beginners

Our Journey Has Resulted In....

BJJ Blue Belts
Years of Study
BJJ Purple Belts
BJJ Brown Belts

...... so far!

. . .


  • BJJ – Team Ryano 
  • JUDO – Judo Ireland
  • MMA – Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association


All our coaching staff are –

  • Garda Vetted
  • Experienced
  • Enthusiastic
  • First Aid Trained
  • Fully Insured


Our mission is to bring the benefits & challenges of the Martial Arts to as many lives as possible. We truly believe in Martial Arts as a lifestyle and positive force for many both physically and mentally. Every member is valued, every success is celebrated.

Ready to begin your Martial Arts journey?