Kids 5-12 years old

Teens 12 + years old

What Attributes Do Martial Arts Encourage?




                 KIDS SQUAD

Our awesome Kids Squad sessions always involve a mixture of martial arts styles with the foundation being Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing, Judo and Wrestling. At a young age we don’t believe in “specialising”. We want to give your youngest members the chance to sample a wide range of the martial arts world so that they can decide what they most love and make an informed decision in specialising as they get older. 

This approach also keeps our classes fresh and engaging. Our Kids Squad is constantly learning new techniques and this creates a stimulating atmosphere and a real thirst for knowledge that can only be satisfied by consistency and developing the confidence to ask questions. 

As coaches we go out of our way to be approachable. We want to nurture a love for martial arts that will last a lifetime. 

We know just how positive a force it is for young people, having experienced it first hand (in Coach Oisin’s case, starting at 5 years old) and we want to share that positivity and the benefits attributable to the martial arts with as many kids as we can. 

Our approach is to make our kids members feel a valued and respected part of our team, and to build them up in physical attributes, focus and determination. The reality is many kids find themselves on the outside looking in with regards traditional team sports, and this will never ever be the feeling they have at our academy. 

               TEENS SQUAD

Our Teens Squad classes are when we start to provide the option of specialising in a favoured martial art, be it Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing or Judo. 

The development of our junior programs has been a huge success. 

In the modern world many Teens are sat for hours in front of screens playing video games, watching TV and on their phones. The couch is our biggest competition. Within a few weeks of training our teens realise  that Martial Arts are the ultimate live action “video” game, and this game aspect often appeals to our Teen members. You can win, lose, upgrade with new skills, problem solve and much more all within the same activity.

We recognise the positive effects of the martial arts in the teenage years, as a form of stress relief, and a form of self defence, that often leads to far greater confidence, allowing them to tackle stressful situations with a sense of security and calm. 

Recognising the huge benefits for teens, we commit to our Teens Squad 100%, with 6 days of training per week available. We have yet to find a club that matches this commitment, we have however found our match, within our Teen members themselves. Their work ethic is admirable and their skills and abilities have developed accordingly. The atmosphere is welcoming and fun but the heart of what we do is, and will always be effective martial arts.


 Our Junior programs are lead by myself, Oisin McCabe, Head Coach of Compound Martial Arts. With 20+ years coaching children in Martial Arts, as well as Tennis & Strength Training, I have dealt with most levels of confidence, talent and energy imaginable and tailor the experience to each individual child to maximise enjoyment and motivation. I want every child that walks through our door to leave motivated, empowered and excited for their next class. As a father of 2 girls, I am acutely aware of what parents want their kids to gain from exercise.

Aleksandar Yankov is our teams assistant coach and team captain. As a father of 1 he also appreciates what the ideal balance should be for parents and children alike to feel they are gaining the maximum from their training at CMA. 

Both of us are –

Garda Vetted


First Aid Qualified


…and above all…PASSIONATE about what we do!

Oisin McCabe

Head Coach of Compound Martial Arts\
Karate Blackbelt
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt
20 years coaching experience

Aleksandar Yankov

Assistant Coach Compound Martial Arts
Pro MMA & K1 Fighter
Irish Light Welterweight K1 Champion
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt

Great coaching for my son. Great setup and overall brilliant club.
Paul Rossi
Oisin and the teams drive, dedication, enthusiasm and pure passion for the sport is amazing to see. Myself and my 2 kids love attending compound and looking forward to many years of training
Denise Carr
I've tried to get her involved in every sport but she's hated them all. This is the only thing she has stuck to and she absolutely loves it. Comes home after every class to show me her new techniques!
A happy mother