When you walk onto the mats in Compound Martial Arts you will notice a friendly vibe, with smiles all around and a class structure that is suitable for both experienced and beginner members.

All techniques are taught from the basics up (yes even to our elite competitors) and we place a huge emphasis on fundamentals. This is the secret to the dramatic success of our competitors and the level attained by our members in such a short period of time. Most of whom started their journey with us as complete beginners.



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a Self Defence art & Combat Sport, that has taken the world by storm since its mainstream introduction at UFC 1. BJJ utilises technique to overpower opponents with leverage, base, pressure and connection.

This scientific approach allows a smaller trained opponent to not only defend themselves against a larger, untrained opponent, but dominate the action.

“I am a shark, the ground is my ocean, and most people can’t even swim” – Is an excellent way to describe the reality of those trained in BJJ vs the untrained. 

The traditional approach of BJJ to combat revolves around a 4 step approach of –

  1. Takedowns

  2. Passing The Guard (Legs)

  3. Controlling Opponent with Pin

  4. Subdue Opponent with a Submission 

There is no such thing as a “Lucky Punch” in Jiu-Jitsu, only technique,  and that is something attainable by all, regardless of size, sex, age and fitness.


Kickboxing is a family of martial arts including Western Kickboxing, Muay Thai & K1 to name a few. All revolve around attacking with –

  1. Punches

  2. Kicks

  3. Knees

  4. Elbows

The goal of efficient technique is to be able to hit and not get hit. That is the “art” of striking.  

Kickboxing classes revolve around technique development, pad work and light drills with sparring and heavy drills reserved for competitors. This allows our members to consistently develop their skills, and their confidence in their techniques.

Every Kickboxing class in CMA is suitable for both experienced competitors & total beginners and you will regularly see Irish Champions honing their skills on the CMA mats.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport made famous by the UFC, and combines the grappling & striking arts in a hybrid rule set. 

MMA has taken the world by storm, in no small part due to the contribution of Irish stars and is now the fastest growing sport in the world as well as a legitimate path for professional athletes looking to cement their legacy and future.

MMA training isn’t reserved to those interested in competing in the sport. With a major focus on drilling and skill development, all classes are suitable for a wide range of experience levels. 

If competition is your goal, join our rising MMA team and pursue your dreams with like minded & driven athletes. Our Fight Team is a mix of 100% homegrown talent and converts from other martial

There is a clear pathway of MMA competition in Ireland.

  1. Novice MMA (No or light headshots)

  2. Amateur MMA 

  3. Pro MMA

CMA fighters are required to test themselves in Kickboxing & grappling competition before making the jump to Amateur MMA. This approach is a major reason as to why CMA fighters are so well versed in striking, grappling & wrestling, making for a seamless transition to MMA competition.


Judo is an Olympic Sport founded in Japan (1882), by Jigoro Kano. 

Nicknamed “The Art of Hitting People with a Planet.”

Judo focuses predominantly on the art of throwing opponents (Nage Waza) using the Gi/Kimono for grips to create leverage. 

At CMA, Judo classes revolve around technique, Kata and Sparring (Randoori) and are always great fun, with a mix of experience levels & ages training together to develop their skills in this incredible art. 

Judo is the original art from which BJJ is developed, with modern day Judo focusing predominantly on throwing techniques (Nage-Waza) & BJJ focusing on ground techniques (Ne-Waza).

Studied together they create a complete grappling approach, as well as grapplers that can get the fight to the floor and dominate opponents once there. 



€85 Monthly
16 Classes Per Week
Unlimited Adult Classes


€60 Monthly
16 Classes Per Week
Unlimited Adult Classes


€50 Monthly
9 Classes Per Week
Unlimited Junior & Mixed Classes


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